We have large data sets with no simple, graphical way to view beyond one year. We needed a way to view trends by material category. Jeremy developed an interactive graph by material type, using 5 years of data, to quickly and easily show materials circulations. This tool has proven very beneficial for me to see how future collection dollars should be spend. I’m grateful for Jeremy’s knowledge and skill and creating this useful tool for our Library.
— Lauren Rosenthal - Deputy Director @ Fox River Valley Public Library District
I have known Jeremy for many years and know him to have a collegiate mind and a receptive demeanor, quick with wit and insight. He is an independent thinker. Any problem, whether in business or life, Jeremy deftly analyzes and solves with a seemingly effortless resolve.
— Andrew Tibbetts - Owner / Coder / Designer @ Vary
While attending my graduate course in Data and Information Management, Jeremy demonstrated a broad range of high-value skills. He has a particular strength in articulating supporting argumentative evidence with regard to systems analysis. The concepts covered in this course are multi-disciplinary, and Jeremy seems to posses an intelligence that allows him to quickly grasp the concepts and be able to readily apply them.
— Matt Hogan - Data Architect @ Boeing
Whether the assignment was simple task or a complicated assignment, Jeremy always went above and beyond. He is incredibly thoughtful, very inquisitive and asks well thought out pertinent questions.
— Christopher Valenta - Senior Financial Analyst @ Cigna